GOOD INFO – Why does my finger turn green?

29 Jun

A question we get often here at JGOOD is “…will it turn my finger green?” Unfortunately, this is a risk you take when buying any fashion jewelry. We pride ourselves in offering quality fashion jewelry– a higher quality than competitors—but there are a few outside factors that can indeed, cause your finger to turn green.


Green skin from jewelry can be caused if you have a high acidity level to your skin. High acidity levels react with silver and make it oxidize, which produces the green color on your skin. In high temperatures, your jewelry is more likely to oxidize. If you have jewelry you know occasional turns your skin green, avoid wearing it in warm weather.

Copper and Nickel:

Copper and nickel are both materials that are used in fashion jewelry to promote luster. Unfortunately, these two materials are also more susceptible to oxidation. These materials combined with the oil from your skin may cause them to leave behind a green smudge on your skin.

On rare occasions, it can be that you belong to an estimated 5% of the population that is allergic to nickel. We use nickel as a primer in our plating applications to promote longevity of the plating and promote luster. There is no better earth-element that acts as a primer agent for plated metals than nickel. That’s why we refuse to go nickel-free. In fact, we would argue that the term “nickel-free” should be followed by another set of words—“tarnish-quicker”.

Lotion and Soap:

You may also notice a green color to your skin when you wear jewelry after putting on certain lotion or washing with certain soap. This reaction is all about how the chemicals in the soap and lotion react with fashion jewelry.

How to Avoid Turning Your Skin Green

The easiest way to avoid green skin from jewelry is to buy pure gold jewelry or platinum jewelry. For people who cannot afford this option, you should try hypoallergenic jewelry or jewelry that is lined with rhodium plating. Rhodium is used to make jewelry durable while giving it that same shiny look without turning skin green.

A quicker fix—which must be repeated frequently—is to put clear nail polish on the parts of the jewelry that touch your skin… as long as the polish lasts the metal doesn’t contact your skin, therefore, it can’t turn your skin green.

GOOD TRENDS – Wedding Edition

26 Jun

I don’t know about you, but I have been getting wedding invitation after wedding invitation in the mail lately from members in my social circle. The summer months seem to be smack dab in the middle of wedding season! Today I was reading on Stylecaster and came across the article “7 New Must-Have Trends for Bridesmaid Dresses” and immediately thought of one of my favorite chick flicks, 27 Dresses, but quickly realized when done properly, these styles could actually be super stylish (and not a disaster like in the movie). What are these new bridesmaid trends you might ask?

  • Prints/lightly unexpected patterns
  • The one-shoulder Dress
  • Lace in flirty silhouettes
  • The Maxi
  • The Cascading Hem (I prefer to call this the “mullet dress”–short in the front, long in the back)
  • Separates
  • The Jumpsuit

Obviously, the most important part of the wedding is the dress, but next in importance are the accessories you wear with the dress! Whether you are getting married soon, attending a formal dance, or just like to look fabulous, check out these truly stunning pieces (at a price you can actually afford).





Have you been married? …been a bridesmaid? What was you favorite accessory from that special day? Comment below:)


GOOD TRENDS – Statement Necklaces

6 Jun

Today I was reading People’s Style Watch and they shared “6 Universally Flattering Pieces [that] are great for work—and they work on everyone.” What are these six items, you might ask?

  1. Pencil skirt
  2. Sleek Wedges
  3. Collared shirt
  4. White pants
  5. Statement necklace
  6. Faux leather jacket

Now, of course I’m gonna focus on #5 because I LOVE statement necklaces (surprise!). Accessories are a great way to completely transform and outfit, and the most dramatic way to do this is with a fabulous stand-out necklace. Take a look at some show-stopping necklaces from JGOOD.

Use the code ‘NECKLACE15’ to get 15% off any of the JGOOD necklaces (expires 6/15/12).  Click here to shop now!

GOOD COLLECTIONS – Luxurious Twist

1 Jun

This week, we released a new collection at JGOOD called Luxurious Twist.

This designer-inspired line takes stunning gem stones and mixes them with twisted cables and black rhodium accents, giving you beautiful pieces with a dash of edginess. The following are my favorite pieces:

Check out the collection and comment below with which piece YOU like best.

GOOD TRENDS – Hoop Earrings

15 May

Today I was reading People: Style Watch and learned the “Wardrobe Essential” for the month of May was Hoop Earrings. According to People, “[Hoop earrings] not only go with everything, but they also flatter every face shape!”

They go on to explain that “skinnier hoops are easier to pull off, while chunkier styles make more of a statement.”

Because I love People Magazine and totally share their love of hoop earrings, I am giving you 20% off the following JGOOD hoop earrings for the rest of the month of May! Simply use the code ‘HOOP20’ at checkout.

…and make sure to head on over to for more fashion advice and to learn about the latest trends.

GOOD DEALS – Mother’s Day!

7 May


2 May

Have you ever wondered how to wear tribal?

The key to this trend is moderation. We have come up with a simple equation to help answer the common question of how to wear tribal prints.

Take one piece that is bold or has a pattern and add it to one piece that is more simple and understated…what you get is one fabulously chic ensemble.:)

For example:

If you aren’t afraid of trying something new and being in the spotlight, a tribal look might be a fun thing for you to try. For those a  little more shy and not ready to fully jump in?  Dabble in the trend by trying some of these tribal inspired accessories from JGOOD.



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