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23 Mar

This week, Marie Claire released the Top Spring Style Trends. The three categories they chose were:

Sugar Sweet

Graphic Jungle

Dark Angel

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What to wear for any occasion…

7 Mar

I love Nina Garcia! In her most recent book, Nina (Fashion Editor at Marie Claire and judge on Project Runway) gives tips on what women should wear for almost any occasion.

To a Job Interview:

Garcia says “Your wardrobe should complement your skill set, never detract — or distract — from your assets,” Garcia writes. “The smallest detail can set you apart from your competition. It’s essential that you appear professional, capable, and confident without going overboard,” adding that loud jewelry, wild patterns, and heavy embellishments should be avoided. Sorry, sequins.

Why not try this beautiful tennis bracelet from JGOOD. Like Nina said, don’t overdo it, but still feel chic by adding a little sparkle to your interview attire.

Classic Tennis 3mm CZ Bracelet

When out Shopping

“Wear jeans and a camisole, cardigan, and light jacket. “It allows you to adjust to the changing temperatures of each store and you can preview whatever outfits you try on with a different top or pants option, using the clothes you already own,” Garcia writes.

On a First Date

Most men have conservative taste. With a goal of being “effortlessly cool and sexy,” opt for a simple tailored dress or a V-neck top paired with skinny jeans. “Nothing is more alluring to a man than a woman who looks good in her jeans,” she writes.

A classic CZ dangle necklace is the perfect, simple accessory to wear with a cute V-neck shirt.

Pear-shaped CZ Dangle Necklace

For Brunch with the Girls
If you think Sunday brunch with your besties is an opportunity to take a break from looking fab, you’re giving your pals too much credit. “We all sneak in the ‘up-and-down’ glance,” Garcia admits. “You don’t want to seem as though you’re trying to outshine anyone … but always look fabulous.”

Become the topic of conversation with this mother of pearl statement necklace.

'Chunky Cab' Mother of Pearl Necklace

While Serving Jury Duty
“Serving jury duty is a fascinating little slice of life, with its motley crew of personalities,” Garcia writes. But it also involves uncomfortable seats. “Dress as you would for a casual workday … and fit whatever you can into your bag. It’s going to be a long day.”

Everywhere Else
Garcia notes that the bulk of the confusion over what to wear is caused by fear. “Fear of breaking the ‘fashion rules,’ fear of violating some long-forgotten tradition, or the basic fear of looking bad,” she says. “Style is about fun. True style is not about having a closet full of expensive and beautiful things — it is instead about knowing when, where, and how to utilize your collection.”

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Click here to see the complete article by Kate Schweitzer.



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